The Southern Missouri Rangers are always scouting for new members who share our passion for the spirit of the West and friendly competition using the guns of yesteryear. Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) is a wholesome sport in which the entire family can participate. Common interests lead to camaraderie and bonds in the family and community. Matches are fun and friendly, resulting in pleasant shooting experiences. Shooters compete under the guidelines of “The Spirit of the Game”, which means that no one looks for ways to create an advantage, every one participates in the competition as requested and all respect the traditions and the Way of the Old West.


While it’s not necessary to join the Southern Missouri Rangers in order to shoot with us, your membership does provide you with reduced monthly match shooter fees while it helps cover the expenses of operating, maintaining and improving Outlaw Range. The membership form can be accessed here.


As an affiliated club of both SASS and the NRA, the Southern Missouri Rangers encourages its members to also join both.  The Southern Missouri Rangers, SASS and the NRA share the goals of wanting participants in CAS to have fun, be safe, develop their shooting skills and, learn about, enjoy and promote the traditions and heritage of the Old West.


Come on out for some shooting fun and friendship with a group of people where honor abounds and a handshake is a person’s word.  Come join us at Outlaw Range!


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